Self-Care…the Heart of Healthcare

As we have been walking the path of promoting Integrative Medicine, Judy and I, as nurses, have become convinced of the body’s inherent ability to heal…when all is in BALANCE. We realize, from the teachings of cultures thousands of years old, that we are complex beings with, not just physical, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects to ourselves. All of which must be balanced for wellness.


Our Western system of medicine has been focused mainly on the physical body, relegating the mental/emotional issues to behavioral medicine/psychology and spiritual needs to clergy.


While, in Western culture, most are born with relatively healthy bodies, sadly, most people proceed to “abuse” these by bad habits and poor nutrition. Then, as is the custom, they take their bodies to doctors to be “fixed.” Once these “machines” are medicated or operated upon, they are returned and often are re-abused.


As our Western Medical system is structured, there is little motivation for self-responsibility. Doctors are viewed as the experts knowing more about our bodies than we do. Yet, many ancient, integrative practices teach that we can learn to listen to the wise messages of our bodies. When we take control of our wellness through self-care measures, we are empowered to bring our bodies into the BALANCE necessary for healing and wellness.


It is our belief that the healthcare of our nation would be best served through education for a national shift of awareness. We see the need, as do many medical leaders, to empower individuals to become responsible for their own health…a health/wellness self-care model.


Our aim through the Institute for Optimal Care is to provide such education. We have developed what we call our Balancing for Self-Care Model, which we will be sharing with you via this blog.


We were inspired years ago by James Gordon, MD, Center for Mind Body Medicine who said, “Self-care is the heart of healthcare.”  

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