“Treatment originates outside you; healing comes from within.”

Andrew Weil, MD

Mindfulness Based Cancer Survivorship (MBCS)

An experiential/educational process that teaches the benefits of mindfulness meditation to cancer survivors and their families. MBCS helps ease stress and facilitate comfort and healing while living fully in the present moment.

Cancer Survivor MBCS Graduates comments:

“I am thrilled by the Mindfulness program, as it enables me to lay down the heavy burden of cancer for up to 30 minutes at a time… Your program has opened wonderful doors of relief for me.”

“This class is a real treasure and very relevant to cancer survivorship.”

“The mindfulness concept has been planted and has sprouted – a very useful tool.”

Mindfulness Based Self Care (MBSC)

An experiential/educational process that teaches the benefits of mindfulness meditation as a powerful tool for total wellness. This program enhances stress management and self-care practices. MBSC helps each of us practice and promote the self-care principles of compassion and caring in our home, work, and community environments.

Course graduates comments:

Loved this class. It has been and will continue to be instrumental in achieving a healthy mind/ body/spirit connection.”

“This course was outstanding…so many practical applications!”

“Absolutely loved this class!”

Optimal Care through Integrative Healing (OCIH)

Introduces medical professionals/staff to the broad range of complementary/alternative practices available. Through education, a paradigm shift is facilitated for the integration of best practices of both Western and Complementary/Alternative practices.

This course is currently in online development, but it is available to your organization as a weekend workshop (Friday evening through Sunday afternoon). Contact us for more information.

Course graduates comments:

“Content of class very comprehensive in terms of basic info with excellent resources for further study. Instructors are fantastic presenters. Obviously well informed and motivated to teach and apply these principles. Would recommend this class to anyone able to think outside the box.”

“Fabulous! Reaffirmed my continuing to use integrative therapies as part of my own self-care and providing space for others to incorporate these techniques into their personal practices and self-care.”

“Excellent course…”

“Thanks so much for the enlightenment.”

It’s About ME…health matters in mind, body, and spirit!

It’s About ME…health matters in mind, body, and spirit! is a one day workshop/retreat developed as an introduction to self-care principles appropriate for general audiences and professionals.

(This Retreat is offered by Nurse Navigators 4 Integrative Healing on site. Please contact us to schedule your event.)

Retreat participants comments:

“Thank you for letting me have a day for me. I can’t believe how great my body feels.”

“Very interesting! I enjoyed spending the day in a beautiful place with beautiful people.”

It helped me get back in touch with the parts of me that I had tucked so far away and discover things about myself I didn’t even know. I look forward to the beginning of this next part of my journey with expectant hopefulness.”

“I absolutely enjoy the seminar. It was delightful, thoughtful, interactive, engaging and