Nature, Time, Patience…the great healers!

In developing our Balancing for Self Care-Model, we drew from the many medical systems that predated our Western Medical one. Most every system values balance as vital for health and includes the holistic view of the individual…mind, body, and spirit.


We chose the structure of the Native American Medicine Wheel to visually display the concept of balance between the mental/emotional and physical/spiritual aspects of the self. In the center of the wheel is “HEALTH” which we define as “BALANCE through self-care and integrative therapies.” There are many evidence-based integrative therapies available, but they do require individual responsibility.


Recently my husband attended a car club meeting at which a nurse/dietician spoke to the group about Diabetes. She asked for a show of hands, “How many in the room have Diabetes?” Over three fourths of the group raised their hands. When asked, “How many have Type I? Only one of the Diabetics in the room was Type I. All of the others had Type II Diabetes…not a genetic disease, but one of lifestyle choices and behaviors.


Yet, given the plethora of education and guidelines for healthy living, many seem unwilling to make healthy choices. Ours has become a quick fix society.


Both consumers and practitioners of complementary/alternative/integrative medicine believe…

  • An internal self-healing process exists within each person
  • People are responsible for making their own decisions re health care
  • Nature, time, and patience are great healers


“The next major advance in the health of the American people will be determined by what the individual is willing to do for himself.”

John Knowles

Former President of the Rockefeller Foundation

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